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Excellence in Service

Our Vision

To be a world class business school for the development of competent and highly skilled business executives and skilled artisans that will stand tall within the local and international business environment. .

Our Mission

To apply academic theories to real life situation in the training of top notch CEOs and managers thereby contributing significantly to the bulk of highly skilled and professionalized man power needed to grow the Nigeria’s economy.

Our Service

Uyo Business School offers a wide range of educational and business consultancy services in addition to its certification programmes. These services include:

- Specialized training programmes for entrepreneurs and business Establishments
- Sales and servicing of educational/training materials.
- Exchange programmes with other institutions for the promotion of expertise and professionalism.
- Execution of business research projects and publication of such reports in business journals and magazine.
- Certification of competent entrepreneurs and artisans.
- Conversion of skills to proficiency qualification and certificate through collaborations with respective agencies.
- Award of CMA+ to ‘COMPUTER MARSHALS’ who have sat and passed the online examinations and MBA+ to outstanding business managers, facilitators and sponsors.


Consultancy Services

The consultancy services of UBS provide a wide range of specialized and professionalized real-world solutions to problems faced by small, medium and large scale businesses and corporate establishments. It is tailored towards equipping employees, CEOs, managers and artisans with top notch business and managerial skills needed to excel beyond the Nigerian business environment.

To this end, the Uyo Business School offers consultancy services in the following areas: .

Business coaching services for individuals, corporate organizations as well as small, medium and large-scale businesses.
Strategic market survey for intending and existing businesses.
Strategic marketing policies and brand management for small, medium and large- scale businesses/corporate and multinational organizations.
Human Resource development and leadership training.
Public Relations.
Business ethics and professionalism school


The inventive business institution has gained affiliation with over 75 entrepreneurial firms and private institutions that are vocationally inclined in the process of safeguarding competency for our teeming young graduates who have gotten the paper qualification, but lack the employability skills; and also, the teeming artisans with the employability skills, without the proficiency certificate to boost their competence and employment guaranteed, hence need for certification and authentication as evidence of their skills.


In consonance with the Nigerian Federal Government provision for Advance Education Certificate (AEC), the Uyo Business School of Competency and Professionalism also coordinates, mobilizes and trains her candidates to be certified by the government through National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)and other government recognized institutions at different angles and levels of certifications. The Competency Based Education Certificate (COBEC), Professional Diploma (PD); Computer Marshal (CMA+) and Master of Business Advancement (MBA+) awarded by the Uyo Business School of Competency and Professionalism provides a foundational qualification for business expansion and sustainability.